Garage Gas Unit Heater Installation Centennial, Colorado

November 13, 2016
Garage Gas Unit Heater Installation Centennial, Colorado

It is our firm belief here at BEE There Heating & Air that garages should be comfortably used all year long.  The only problem is here in Centennial, Colorado the winter doesn’t agree. The frigid temperatures of late fall, winter and early spring are typically very cold. This cold weather easily infiltrates poorly insulated garages, leaving them unusable and uncomfortable.

We can help with this. Your garage is an extension of your home and can be used as another practical space. Whether it be for tinkering, storing, or hanging out with neighbors it is possible with a low profile gas unit heater. Full installation of a new gas unit heater is a great way to increase the useful space in your home. Gas unit heater installation in Centennial, Colorado typically only costs between $1,100-$2,300.00. The long term use of your garage will definitely outweigh the initial costs.

Garage Gas Unit Heater Installation Centennial, Colorado

Why should I use a unit heater for my garage and not something else?  Easy…a unit heater requires practically no maintenance, is easily hung out of the way, does not require any air filters, and has a fan that can also be used in the summer months.

Think about this…ladies, it is a great way to get your husband out of the house during the colder months. Men it is a great way to act like you are being very productive with manly activities in the garage (we do not install flat screens? But highly recommend them!).

If you are in he market for Unit Heater Installation Centennial, Colorado. Look no further, we have you covered.

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